Friday, 31 July 2015

Education (Degree) is not important…..!

Yes, I am saying that education is not important when we are living in era of knowledge based industry and power, mere degree of any field is not important. Why I am saying this? Because only possession of degree or qualification of professional field is like “Show” or “gimmick”. After graduating from good schools and colleges, we are biased toward cast, class and creed. And add religion in this mixture, it becomes sugar coated poison and behave like cocktail for its consumer!

We need value based education with some practical life exposure. We have to teach children about castles, creedless and religion free society. We have so many example of people who possessed very good educational background and though they are most wanted criminal in this world. Their behaviour is not like well-educated person.

We have recent example of Yakub Memon who was CA by profession and turned gangster with his brother! Yeah, CA- charted accountant, many of you want to be a CA. Until, Mumbai bomb blast case he was managing account of his brother’s company and “hawalas” of gangs very soundly. 

I am listing some other examples form world of most wanted.

Osama bin laden - he was the most infamous terrorist in the world. He was graduated in Civil Engineering branch from King Abdul-Aziz University in Jeddah. And he had done all cruel stuff listed in not to do list for mankind.

Saddam Hussein – Though we have two views on American war on Iraq and killing of Saddam, but he had certainly war mind and was cruel in nature. His plan were not good for this world especially for non-Islamic states. He graduated from Iraqi law school. And he started his earning by noble profession of teaching. He was secondary school teacher in his youth. Though he became dictator.

Saif al-Islam Gaddafi – He is son of Muammar Gaddafi and well educated and Ph.D. from London school of Economics. From Tripoli's Al Fateh University he got B.Sc. degree in engineering. Some say he has architecture degree. Whatever, he has degree! And he has been given life sentence recently.  He was culprit jointly with his father for Libyan war. I didn’t choose M. Gaddafi because he was not educated like his son.

Ayman al-Zawahiri - He is leader of al-Qaeda. After death of Osama bin laden he has executed many operations. He has degree in medicine from  Cairo University. He has served as a surgeon in Egypt army. And now he is world’s most dangerous man.

Afzal Guru – He was among main conspirator of Indian Parliament attack. He attended 1st year MBBS program of DU. He was also preparing for various competitive exams. And his mind got changed and became terrorist.

Nathuram Godse – He studied in “English medium” school in those pre-independence days. However, he dropped out from higher secondary school and joined RSS. He started a local newspaper. And he killed Gandhiji. So, much boasted English education was not enough to stop him from doing heinous crime.

And many more in list, known and unknown people of crime world. 

I am not saying that we should not go to college and school, we must. But, only education is not enough to make character of a man or woman. We want something new which create good values and best thought process in young minds. We should nurture youth in such a manner they never choose the path of extremism and violence.

Till then read my blog to nurture your brain vibes!

P.S.:- I had written this article before I watched 4th fail Vijay's Drishyam. We need observation power and peaceful, fearless mind !