Saturday, 19 September 2015

Leaving some question for you !

When first time Gujarat government banned internet, I thought to write on this. But, I could not write it. So, during this second phase of net ban I want to ask some very basic and logical question to ourselves. May be in random order and may be some are wild. But, read and think.

Do you like Bahubali? And what about violence? Okay, now you would argue that people learn from film. So, film maker would say that film reflects society. You believe or not we like violence most. Now, can I ask about Drishyam? You would say that acting is okay but story line is good. So, do you also want to cheat police and constitution? Here, I am not concerning about cause of the murder in film. Just think for a while you are killing a person who has just killed your favourite one. Irony of mob!

Switch to the history. Have you ever read a chapter of history without politics? So, don't blame politics, blame bad persons who are in politics. Can we ban politics in democracy? No. Clearly we can't. Everything should be political in democracy. Because politicians represents us, not government officers. And again irony is that we trust officers more than our public representatives. So, can you elect your political representative right on whom you can trust for public work? Better luck next election!

And now, think about our very congested mind set on religion. OH! I don't want to write. Can you think logically on that? Actually our reading habit is the main problem. We only read self-help and religious book. Go outside of this small circle, Read something new, adventurous, fiction, non-fiction.

And what do I think about reservation? Nothing. Because everyone knows what is right and what is wrong. By the way no two persons can be same in anyway.

Please believe in democracy. Protest but in logical way. Violence is not the option.

Here, I am completing. Read, observe and think!