Saturday, 12 December 2015

The ‘#’ Man Return

This time he is not coming for Andromedian but for AAPtards, Bhakts and Adarsh Liberal! He will have to face many 'intolerance' in his mission. Actually he has been suffering from same since his return from Andromeda mission. Though he is very powerful and laced with latest weapons and super computer he cannot handle these three community. Hahaha! Actually these three communities are not fighting with fact and true human spirit. They are just doing Hit and Run with deliberately tampered history and facts.

So, here ‘#’ is ready with all facts, true history and right will for betterment of India, he will spread true information in media and people. He will feed all the real scene of incidents in public minds directly. So, rumours do not spread like Dadari lynching, Shahrukh Khan’s statement on intolerance, Chennai flood etc. Actually intolerance for full knowledge of any issue is increasing day by day due to social media and creepy WhatsApp messages. Yes, intolerance towards respect is also increasing. So, ‘#’ man has to do lot of work. But, how will he work when all these army of political party hurl him and abuse with tweets and Facebook status. Their loud and massive voice will never allow ‘#’ to win this situation even his high tech equipment. They are demotivating and discouraging him. And without courage and confidence even God cannot do anything.   But, he has to do something for greater good of our society. Can a brave man like him who defeated super natural ‘Andromeda’ will take this challenge to crush this intolerance of politics? He will restore faith and love in our mind very soon. He is trying to make one machine which will make all people positive and intelligent. So, they will think, read and react in positive manner. He will sprinkle positivity, knowledge, faith and sensitivity in our air to restore faith of “intellectuals” in our country. It will also boost confidence in common people.  

Now, you are hoping some imaginary story but my dear friend, no ‘# ’man is coming for our help. We have to make our society better to live by ourselves. We ourselves are ‘#’ man. We do not require any superficial and powerful individual to protect us. We are capable enough to diminish these “political fundamentalists”. On most of incidents they put their truth and their blind view. They politicise every incident and make their vote bank stronger! We have to analyse every incident with fact and right information. Always read and watch from original source before commenting on that matter. We have to fight with this nasty “We always right” type people with humanity, knowledge and anger with right excuses. Anger should be shown against such anti liberal people. They believe in their democracy with their term. But, it is not possible under our constitution. These Bhakts and Adarsh liberals come in disguise or fake identification. So, fundamentally they are liar and do not be open minded. They can have opinion, they can express it. But, freedom comes with responsibility and duties. Freedom of one person is limited to another person’s freedom. So, they must have to change their behaviour.

And above all we are making  hype of the matter which is more in virtual space. On the ground situation is quiet normal. Some clashes, agitations and opposition towards system failure is very normal in healthy democratic system. It teaches us very useful lessons. Make your voice little louder towards every anti-democratic things, corruption, illiteracy and many more evils. Do not waste it for fake debates and fear! Try to overpower AAPtards, Bhakts and Adarsh Liberal whenever possible, teach them manner as well. Make them marginalised in constructive manner with your creativity and skills.

Let’s awake your ‘#’ man in your heart and do positive things with human power rather than super technological power. Because at the end of day human matters. So, ‘#’ of our heart is responsible of our society’s future. Let's welcome his return in our hearts! Sharpen him with reading, observation and experience.

If this blog seems irritating and uninteresting, you are intolerant. LOL!

P.S.:- Concept of ‘#’ Man and Andromeda is from my older blogs.