Tuesday, 19 July 2016

A Girl From Andromeda

Do you remember the “Andromeda”? Yeah, how can you forget that demon and intelligent world who had put our mother Earth in danger? So, this time we have to save a girl who helped in our mission to save the Earth. Actually she is also "Andromedian" but she is not like those demon. Her name is “Sagee”.  She came here after the defeat of “Andromeda” against “#” man to snoop and to get some know-how of our culture and technology so they can decode our any mission and mind in future. But, she changed her mind about us after living with us in disguise. Now, she is enjoying in our company and environment. She wants to live with us. But, “Andromeda” want her back to their galaxy with the secret information she has collected over the time. They can kill her if she will deny their order. 

Sagee helped us in decode the encrypted message about the dwarf named “Ceres”. So, it’s now turn to save her life. And “#” man is also not here for our help. We have to save her anyhow. If she would go there, she has to stay in home for entire life under surveillance. She has to leave her freedom and has to obey all the decisions of her master. She can’t do what she wants to do. And she is brilliant at art and technology. And her both skills can help us to improve our technology and future mission in other galaxy. But, what if they would kill her? They can get secret information from their deactivated body as currently she has put her super artificial power in offline. So, Andromedian cannot retrieve any information from her mind. It is beneficial to us also, if we will save her and keep her alive on the earth.

And one irony is that they can control her mind if they can break our encrypted and highly protected system. And if once they have control of Sagee’s mind, she would start believe that she will get more freedom at Andromeda. She would think that their masters and their traditions are best for her. And again she will become stereotype demon Andromedian. And it will be very dangerous for us as they will have all the secrets of the Earth. Sagee must be saved for  betterment of the Earth.


Umm, Headache? Has your mind hanged due to this small Sci-Fi story? Then think it in our society’s perspective. Here, Sagee can be our sister, friend, sister-in-law, wife, daughter or any relative. Girls get education to empower our society and to improve our world, not to find best “Hubby”. I know many girls are working but still much more girls stay at home to do nothing. In some hypocrite society, they permit girls to do work until marriage. And after marriage they have to face situation like Sagee.

Already many figures and facts are on internet about impact of working women in development of society as well as any industry. So, I am not mentioning here. They are not born to protect our tradition and to serve our family. They have much more capabilities and their capabilities are beyond their imagination, too!

So, it’s the time to save “Sagee” from the Earth. Let’s Save her!

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