Sunday, 21 August 2016

21 Days On

Today is my 21st  day in Nagpur, so called 'The Orange City' of India. I have one question in mind since many days that this tag is used for the famous 'Oranges' or for the 'RSS' Because I haven’t found Oranges in any fruit stall or with any street vendor. In these 21 days I could not find the answer. However, my experience with the city is somewhat unsorted. I am not feeling bad here, but it is not good also. But, people of Nagpur have amazed with their generosity and hospitality. People are not ‘spicy’ like there food is!

Still I have not explored the whole city but wherever I have gone, it made me disappoint with transportation service and various options for food. You have very limited option with the variety of food.  Although they have lack of transportation facility, they don’t lack traffic sense. They follow traffic signals without any enforcement from traffic cops. And it is very surprising for any 'Amdavadi' like me. It is very comfortable city for those who want peace during commute to any place. But, it is very mundane for those who want to eat and meet people after 9:00 PM. Yeah, this city sleep very early. Some local people says that in Gujarat you eat and sleep, but in Nagpur we drink, eat and sleep! Here, you find more Bars than street food vendor.  

Definitely this city is developing at big scale, only its speed of development is bit less.This city has mix culture of MadhyaPradesh and Maharashtra and it is going to be next Mumbai of Vidarbha region. It will be one of the best IT and infrastructure hub of India in years to come. It has less tourist place or we can say that they are not attracting enough. It is the natural home for Tigers. There are many sanctuaries in and nearer to Nagpur. Unfortunately they remain close during rainy season. 

On personal journey, I am changing a lot both professionally and personally. I am trying to accustom with new people and new routine. When you live free in your rented house, you have some amazing feeling. By the way, all those sugary feeling flee away when you have to do your work yourself. You have to keep account of money and manage your time according to your job schedule not your desire. You have to keep good terms with whom you don’t like. And you must have to keep your emotions in control. You can’t be too expressive and too introvert. You have to do all those things that you think you will never do in your life. So, never say “never” in life. Because, who knows what life has to surprise us. 

And there are some people who support you without any immediate relationship and reasons, they cheer you up and make your time very pleasant. These are the people who make the world better place to live, they are the individuals who make India and its culture very unique from other countries. Though you want to quit every damn thing you don’t like and want to go home as early as possible, these people’s generous act motivate you to challenge your mind, body and soul to stay firm and complete the task successfully you have. Because life is uncertain, you have to do all the things which come on your way, on your path to achieve your goal. You cannot say that I will not do this because I haven’t interest or I don’t like it, like ‘motivational Gurus’ and books describe the life.

I think in this way life is making me capable enough to face any adverse conditions in years to come. It will help me to achieve my real milestone. Meanwhile, I am also not sure about all these philosophies because that is what life is all about. Experience uncertainty!

There are many more experience yet to come in my life. This is what I have experienced in Nagpur,in a nutshell. 

Just not live the moment, be the moment!

P.S.-  Please bear with my mistakes as my office also says my writing skill is not good. So, just bear with my poor skills.