Sunday, 2 October 2016

Ae Dil Hai Mushkil....

02:34 AM,

I am writing this blog after a month for my true friends. It is for the people who care for me and for whom I care about ! I have couple of thoughts which are playing game with my mind and constantly striking my soft nerve. And the very same time I have just got message from my best friend ever I  got and that only make my day more vibrant,okay it 's night.Right now, I am listening my favourite tracks ,chatting with friend and in between writing this blog rather we can say that my emotional outburst.

Are you already thinking that it is awesome time for me? Then you are wrong. I don't know exact reason,but because people cannot stay fully happy and lively away from their loved ones and friends. You miss many things in life. It's not about money, it's about feelings,emotions,love and relations. When you are away from your home, the most important things you miss are sleep  and food. I think no one can deny this. You can never give alternate to these two things. You must belive  this thought from the person who is writing this from middle part of India on the middle way of his career at midnight ! Can we have any solution to this universal problem of people who are away from their home town?

Sometime it just happens for the sack of the chaotic order of this random world. Now, it is happening with me. So I have to fight it with grace and brave heart. And I am fighting also. It is  making me  realise my real strength, friends,relations, weakness and many more things. Everyday I come to know my  new skill or any random things which were already in me. Just they didn't get enough push to pop out from me at that time. Believe me it's not motivational, positive or exciting as it seems. It's very hard to going through this chaotic process. I am facing it because I have to and no other options are with me. I would rather say I cannot find any other better option from this existing one.

Now, some weird thoughts from my weird mind as I am listening songs of "Ae Dil Hai Mushkil". Have you ever gone through feeling of intense and intimate friendship ? Have you ever been feel that it would be really awesome if your best friend will be your life partner also. Are you confused between best friend and boyfriend/girlfriend? Have you ever thought that  let's experience love and benevolence? If yes, then you are truly in young and charming phase of your life. But,before you reach any conclusion give sometime to your existing relation and try to think for the outcome of  expression of your feeling. If it is not going to affect your current friendship, then go ahead. If your friend is truly your close one, he/she will understand you and give some space to you. But ,first and most important thing is expression of your feeling.  You must express your feeling about him/her.

So,just express it my friend. Because once time is gone,it will never come back. It will be late forever if you don't say it now. As I am doing right now, just giving myself a little extra push to continue my blogging and expressing at cost of my sleep. Though I have to go to office at sharp 9:30 AM, I am relieving my stress and anger in form of feelings, emotions and words. And god send some special friends from heaven who message you at 1:50 AM and they happen to be your school friend!

You never know one day a bus will come, hit you and you will not have any extra moment to do what you wanted to do in your entire life. So,just express it now. Atleast, you will get clarity of mind.

Now, let's enjoy cool breeze and be ready for third day of vibrant navratri. And one more advice, just go to play garba with your loved ones ,may be next time you will not be lucky enough.

I am signing off with my favourite 'garaba' lyrics ,

"તારા વિના શ્યામ....મને એકલડું લાગે,રાસ રમવા ને વહેલો આવજે. તારા વિના શ્યામ....."