Sunday, 26 February 2017

Thoughts From The Iceberg Tropical

While sitting in pleasant surrounding  of one of my favourite places of Nagpur, many thoughts  of Ahmedabad are flashing through my mind. As today is Ahmedabad's 606th birthday, my social media news feed is buzzing with many posts about the Ahmedabad and its uniqueness. I think I have just came to know about importance of my native city when I came here in Nagpur for job. And with every visit to home, I find myself more inclined towards Ahmedabad than before. One major reason behind my too much inclination is that Ahmedabad is more liberal than Nagpur. Till now I have not been in any other city for longer time. However, there is  an another reason also, it is that in Ahmedabd I can meet my friends and relatives in any area and any time.

Now, I am changing my course as new idea has hit my head. Here, I have used liberal word for Ahmedabad because of my experiences with folks of Nagpur. Although my experiences may be exaggerated in nature, but  to whomever I have met until now they are too much conservative(as I have Not met that much people in nagpur compared to Ahmedabad). Few days back I had had debate with my colleagues on Mahatma Gandhi, his relevance, rigidity in our concept of nationalism and religion. I found myself duck when I was beaten by pro Godse and orthodox ideas. It's okay for me if someone have anti gandhian phiosophy. But, how can one excuse in defence of Godse and his righteousness ? It is beyond my understandig. Irony is that all them have studied in so called English medium school with CBSE and ICSE boardsa and India's top private universities. So, once again I have found that formal education is not important for nurturing of well visioned mind. So, I became little bit frustrated and wanted to yell at those hate mongers. But, I  didn't want to ruin my throat and I remained quiet for sometime. 

Now, I am doing verbatim as I have found two inspirational incidents for me on Facebook. I have got some hope from these two posts. One of them is from my friend and intelligent junior during my college  time Salonee Parikh who also write blog  named  CRESCENDO DE MON COSMOS. She has written a post defending the film "Lipstick under my Burkha", freedom of expression and criticized CBFC's narrow approach. Here, you can find her post.

Second post is more relieving for my frustration as it has came from "Navjivan Trust" founded by Mahtma Gandhi. They have taken initiative to distribute Gandhiji's potrait in every police station to put it on the wall of  police station. They are doing so to revive Gandhi when we are near to celebrate 150th birth anniversary of Gandhiji.Here, you can see the post of Navjivan Trust.

Thus, both posts have restored my faith in Gandhi, his philosophy and new morden India. I firmly believe that still Gandhi is one of the biggest brand for us on the foreign countries. Celebration of Ahmedabad's birthday has became more accomplished after I read those two tale  from Ahmedabad.

Long Live Amdavad ! Like that viral post on social media I also believe, Ahmedabad is a city while Amdavad is an emotion ! And this blog is my expression of all emotions for Amdavad.