Sunday, 23 April 2017

What I Haven’t Learnt From The Books

On the World Book Day When all are counting benefits of the books, I am listing down the things which I haven’t learnt from the books. Because books are not everything in life. Here, I am not discouraging you for not to read the books, but just making you aware about the life outside the books. Because book is a non living thing.

Books are not our real friends. They are imaginary friends. If you think that books are your true friends, then you feelings must be imaginary. Book cannot express emotions except written in them in form of fictional or non - fictional form. So, their feeling is limited by the author’s imagination and thought process. When your mood swing, you can change book according to it. But, you cannot change your real friend. On Contrary real friends try to make you joyous. And you can also influence your friend’s behavior and feelings. But, you cannot change book’s main theme and its feeling. For that you have to change the book. Your real friend don’t have an end until they die unlike books!

I learn to breath, to walk, to talk, to read, to write, to feel, to express, to listen, to think from my parents, friends and surroundings. You cannot rely on books for these abilities. If you haven’t felt happiness or sadness in your life, how can you feel it in book? Books take us into author’s imaginative, emotional and philosophical mind. Sometime it soothe our mind and bolster our confidence. Sometime it dishearten our mind and fail us. Some books give us motivation while some give us realistic scenario. Some books only give academic knowledge. Some books sensitize us while some desensitize.  But, all the narratives of fictional, non-fictional books remain our subconscious mind or unconscious mind!). Then we start to relate those narratives to our own life which cause problem in the life. Because these stories works sometimes and sometimes they don’t. Because life is not same as the books.

If you believe that your life is same as a story of a book, then you should be feared by author of that book (except you are the author of that book). Because that author knows your entire life including your end. That author can ruin your life. So, you should take a book as a book only, nothing more nothing less. And remember that if your thoughts arise from what you have seen, read or listened, those are not your own original thoughts.

But, you should keep reading the books. As every book give us new perspective and knowledge. In fact, I don’t know genuine reason for why should we read the books. But, I love to read the books. Just think over issues I have mentioned above and keep in mind that life is not the book, book is the part of life!